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Autotech Council is dedicated to working towards better and faster innovation in the auto industry to give benefits to the entire value chain in this industry. Included in the chain are an entrepreneur, parts companies, automobile manufacturers, vendors and also the consumers. Each party involved in the value chain has its own role and importance to make sure the auto industry well developed.

History of Autotech Council

The way the automotive industry develops has been completely changed compared to many years ago. With the market changing so fast, all actors in this industry are required to work and innovate faster and better than before as the cars have been changing into consumer electronics.autotech council

The change is so fast that before the cars hit the showroom, certain technology for cars can already be out of date. With more consumers being connected, more pressure is put on this industry toward more efficiency and good impact on the environment.

With these pressures as the major forces for the changes, the investment happening worldwide in innovation by the third party has increased dramatically. According to the latest data, almost $200 millions of investment are given by the giants in the automotive industry including GM and Intel Capital. Meanwhile, there has also been an innovation by Google in the form of self-driving car project.

There is a particular reason why Autotech Council chose Silicon Valley as its base. That’s because the Silicon Valley has now been a home to more than 20 most innovative manufacturers focusing on the development and innovation.

Address Gap Between Car Companies and Innovators

What the Council has been doing in the past years is to answer the three main questions or needs from the parties involved in the automotive industry. The first question is to answer the need of entrepreneurs to have their innovations of new technology to be evaluated by major automotive or car company. The second question is related to the need of the car companies to ensure that they have chosen and evaluated the appropriate technology. The third question is to answer the need for car companies to ensure their products, in this case, the cars, will not be out of date when hitting the market.

In other words, the Council does their best to address a gap between the car companies and innovators by making sure that the major vendors and auto manufacturers are keeping an open flow of education, introductions and also the discovery. In the end, the targeted result by the Council is a better understanding of timing and potential impact of each technology, a discovery of new automotive innovation and also access to more investors and entrepreneurs.

Reasons for Joining the Council

There are five main reasons why joining the Council makes an appropriate decision.

  • A relationship in order to build a long-term solid professional relationship with companies and people in this industry
  • Influence to spread across the industry
  • Opportunity as the members are given chances to be connected to more than 100 vendors, 25 global wireless providers, and countless startups
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency in building development within the Autotech Council

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