Autotech Parts for VW New Beetle

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Autotech parts have been in the industry for many years with a top reputation for quality, readability, and functionality. Among the top quality auto parts from Autotech are assemblies, subassemblies, welding components, fabricated components, tubular components, fine blanked components and sheet metal components.

H&R Street Coilover Kit

For coil over suspension in New Beetle VW, the right part to choose is the H&R Street Coilover Kit as it is the originator of street coil over system. What this part from Autotech offers is a fine balance of superb comfort and performance handling. Each short is tailored to enable custom valved, height adjustment and also engineered progressive rate springs with precision.autotech parts

Autotech Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel

Crafted from aluminum blanks of 6061, the Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel from Autotech offers extra edge at any track. This part is capable of pushing the cars’ abilities limit for better and faster performance on the road. What makes this flywheel different from other similar products is its very lightweight. Autotech has designed this flywheel to be able to extract benefit from the added inertial drop. Yet, it doesn’t throw away the drivability. Moreover, this flywheel is made of high-quality friction surface and specially treated alloy steel using particular liquid nitriding process known as Melonite.

The Melonite itself is a particular process where the distortion is minimized to keep the minimum dimensional change and increase the fatigue strength. This process results in exceptional long-term resistance of friction ring to seizure, fatigue, adhesion scuffing and wear. This kit consists of a flywheel, starter ring gear and also the pressure plate bolts.

Autotech Hollow Adjustable Front Swaybar

The hollow adjustable front swaybar Autotech parts are the answers from Autotech for the need of trouble-free performance. This swaybar has been claimed as one of the finest modifications for the cars’ suspension. Along with the kits, instructions and necessary mounting hardware are included.

Autotech Sports Intake Camshaft

Following months of testing, the new Sports Intake Camshaft from Autotech has finally been released. This is claimed to be an excellent addition to VW cars with 1.8T engine whether or not it comes with a software flash. With the camshaft, there will be a 10hp gain of performance and 7ft lbs of increasing torque for VW cars that don’t have software flash. Meanwhile, for cars with software flash, there will be 4 hp gain and also a 12ft increase of torque.

Autotech High Flow Sport Downpipe

Despite the existence of many other 1.8T downpipes, the Autotech Downpipe definitely is the best quality one. This downpipe’s performance isn’t issued with the catalytic converter like most downpipes. That’s because Autotech doesn’t use the conventional ceramic substrate cat. Instead, they much better material, the metal cats. Yes, the metal cats are the only cats that can incredibly flow well as they don’t have the frontal area.

Moreover, the metals cats can be subjected to high temperatures, unlike the ceramic cats. Shortly said, these are the best catalysts for cars. And of course, the Autotech parts are proud of offering this particular product.

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