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Autotech VW parts are among the products sold by Autotech Company across the world. With the popularity of Volkswagen as unique and good performing cars, the sales of its auto parts are good and stable in the last few years. Below are among the highest selling VW auto parts offered by Autotech.

Autotech Swaybar Rear MK4

Swaybar tuning has been recently receiving higher demand in order to help the chassis balancing during hard cornering. This auto part is mostly popular in VW series New Beetle, Jetta and MK4 Golf. To answer this need, the new Autotech Swaybar is designed as rear adjustable swaybar kits with 28 mm rear and 25 mm front.autotech vw

The front swaybar adjustment is actually a simple process where one mounting position is chosen for bar links which are in integration into mounting brackets. To adjust the rear, the special extruded aluminum outer needs to be flipped 180. This swaybar rear will also be free from any trouble for years thanks to the legendary polyurethane brushings. According to the customers, this swaybar is claimed as one of the finest modifications for suspensions in VW cars.

Autotech Shock Therapy Plug Wires

Autotech offers another perfect solution to achieve high-performance ignition wires, the Shock Therapy Plug Wires with 10.4 mm long. The wires are suited for OE replacement thanks to its special design and construction to extract the maximum torque and horsepower from the ignition system of VW cars. The wires have a bigger diameter of 2mm in order to provide the best bang in price and performance.

Over its first layer is tightly woven polyester braid while the two more layers consist of pure silicone. This design is necessary for eliminating bulky sleeving, loose and unwanted radio interference. To make sure its readability and quality, the wires set only uses the termination techniques and OEM connectors. The Nuclear Red wire sets are available to be installed in most water-cooled VWs. And, the wires also come with limited lifetime warranty.

Autotech Cold Air Intake

For a solution of poor open air filters in VW cars engine compartment, Autotech VW parts offer the specially designed cold air intake for the factory airbox. This filter is claimed as the best solution in this case that can produce maximum power for VW cars performance.

Autotech Front Lower Stress bar

The front lower stress bar from Autotech chooses the steel tubing because of its close proximity to the ground. To achieve good looks and protection, the stress bar is added with a black electrostatic powder coat that has flat form. This auto part will hugely increase the structural rigidity in several crucial areas. To achieve it, front A-arm pivot bolts need to be connected.

ClubSport Stage 2 Suspension Kit

The ClubSport Stage 2 suspension kit from Autotech is an auto part that incorporates the Stage 1 kit. This stage 2 kit comes with lower stress bar and high tech front upper-stress bar. Increase in turn in response and chassis rigidity is its primary function by trying the A-arm pivot points and front strut towers together. This particular Autotech VW part is what the VW enthusiasts need to achieve their cars’ high level of performance.

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