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NAPA Autotech has made a name for itself since it was established years ago. As a big company focusing on selling auto parts and services across the world, NAPA has also been offering management and employee training programs. Managed by such big company like NAPA, the training definitely are ones of a kind. These top quality trainings are very useful to help other companies to establish and develop successful auto parts business.

Technical Training for IBS Customers

For companies aiming to develop top quality business in auto parts, NAPA is the right training provider to choose to help them aiming for the goal. Auto parts business has been a very competitive business sector anywhere around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to be really good at the managing the business by using help from the available training providers like NAPA.napa autotech

NAPA has been dedicating themselves to continuously improve both skills and knowledge for all of the staffs for better operation performances. To accomplish it, training is essential. Before, NAPA had only been conducting training for internal staffs. Now, the training is wide open for external staffs from other auto parts business companies. These are the training to achieve the maximum potential.

What NAPA Autotech offers are dozens of training with modules available online and offline. The great thing is most of the modules are available for free. If the pre-planned modules are not appropriate according to need, NAPA is ready to formulate customized training plan according to certain schedule and needs.

Knowledge and Skill Assessment

Before the training starts, NAPA will first assess the technical skills through online. First of all, all technicians are added at the beginning of training by the training/manager administrator. Secondly, the assessment is held in total 9 assessments. These are held prior to the subscription assess aim to evaluate the skill levels of technicians. At the same time, it also aims to build the course training outlines according to particular needs of the technicians.

Each assessment takes 15 minutes only to complete. It measures the knowledge and skill of the technicians in alignment, diesel, air conditioning, electrical, suspension, and steering, starting and charging, batteries, hybrids, brakes/ABS, new technician essentials and the service sales.

Available Classroom Training

There are two types of training being provided. They are Automotive and Heavy Duty Training. The Automotive training consists of courses that are specially designed and developed in assisting all levels of technicians. The Heavy Duty training consists of courses specially designed and developed in expanding the participants’ knowledge regarding the Heavy Duty Repair and Service.

Automotive Training

This training course consists of full 4-hour class per meeting. Daytime hours are chosen to hold the classes. With unlimited class size, the number of participants is not limited as well. For everyone participating in the class will receive books and completion certificates.

Heavy Duty Training

With also full 4-hour class per meeting, the Heavy Duty training class will be held for participants needing specific training for taking care and repairing the heavy-duty vehicles. The difference is the class is only limited to 8 students. The students will also receive books and certificate from NAPA Autotech.

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