Why You Should and You Should Not Visit Autotech Stamford

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Autotech Stamford is an auto shop located at 43 W Main St Stamford, CT 06902 specializing in many of your auto needs. Their doors are open at 7:30 AM and it will be closed when the clock reaches 6 PM.

If something in your car is ever broken, they will do so at a price. If you want to get your oil changed, they will gladly do so provided you pay them. If you want to buy parts, you can do so because they sell parts as well. They are basically an alternative to the usual dealership repair service that you can get from dealers.

Auto shops outside of the dealership repair service is usually not that credible and not as expensive compared to the licensed dealership repair service. Is that the case with Autotech Stamford? Check out below if you want to learn more about the reason why you should go and why you should avoid this place.autotech stamford

The things that attract people

Just like many other Autotechs outside of Stamford, the staffs are usually the selling point. It is the same here in this Autotech. The staffs are a bunch of extraordinary friendly people and they are very patient in handling customers who are not that knowledgeable. They are down to earth and are very friendly towards customers. If you think you will get the stick from the staffs, you thought wrong.

The prices offered here are also cheap. They are definitely cheaper than the stuff you can get from the licensed dealers and the stuff are usually good stuff. If you get a broken part from them, they will gladly accept the part back and give you another one. If you cannot get a part that satisfies you, they will give you a refund.

Sometimes they will give you a service free of charge if something bad happened to your car post service, which clearly tells that they will do anything to get the smiles out of their customers.

The things that discourage people from visiting them

Sure the prices they offer are cheap and well in the range of any car owners with a tight budget, but lots of people told me that visiting the dealer repair service is actually cheaper than visiting this particular place in the long run. Why is it cheaper in the long run?

Simply because the second bad thing that they got: the outsourced stuff. They do not sell that many licensed parts in their store, which means two things: the prices of the parts are cheaper and the quality of the parts is worse than the licensed parts. This kind of saying it for itself why the price in the dealer repair service is cheaper than the price in Autotech.

The third bad thing is how some staffs can be very deceiving with their courtesy. Some use that courtesy to trick their customers into paying more than they should. Take for example someone who paid 1500 for a repair. They will tell that someone to pay more because there is another part that is broken in the car. When that particular someone brings the car to another shop, the other shop tells them that the other parts are not broken. Do you get the point?

Those are the reasons why you should and why you should not visit Autotech Stamford.

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